1023 (pronounced "ten to three") is a character from the Rankin/Bass television special Rudolph's Shiny New Year. He is a knight who is proprietor to an island which is home to some of the world's fondest nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Being a militant fellow with a strong sense of duty, he joins Rudolph in his search for Happy, the Baby New Year, after a thorough exploration of the island. They are constantly one step behind Happy, but they finally spot him riding atop Aeon the Terrible, who has abducted him from the woods just outside the home of the Three Bears.

Thanks to Big Ben, Happy is freed from Aeon's grasp, but lands on the island belonging to 1776. Joined by Rudolph and O.M., 1023 arrives on the island, only to arrive too late as Happy is humiliated again and flees once more into Aeon's grasp. Aeon takes Happy to the Island of No Name, and when 1023 and the others come to rescue him, Aeon buries them in snowballs, with Rudolph the only one to escape thanks to his nose. 1023 is freed from his snowball when Aeon, after falling out of his nest in a laughing fit from seeing Happy's big ears himself, lands right on top of his and the other past years' snowballs, thereby preventing Aeon's presumed death at the end of the current year as he could no longer turn into ice and snow when he's so full of warmth and laughter.

As Big Ben's tail clock chimes midnight, Santa Claus arrives to take the past years back to Father Time's castle in time to crown Happy the new year before the twelfth stroke, saving the time stream from being stopped for eternity.

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