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The 12 Dogs of Christmas 2 Official Trailer (2013)

12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue is the direct-to-video sequel to The 12 Dogs of Christmas, released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on October 9, 2012. Produced by Kragen/Merrill Family Films, it was nominated for a Golden Reel for Best Sound Editing in a Live Action Direct-to-Video feature.


In this sequel, Emma rallies her friends new and old to save a beloved puppy orphanage by putting on a musical holiday extravaganza.


Title Performed by
"Puppy Love" Evan Mellows
"On The First Day Of Christmas" Alexis Baigue
"Go Bulldogs"
"Toyland/Joy to the World"
"Deck The Halls Rap" Colton Forth
"I Believe In Christmas" Mindy Robbins
"Good King Wenceslas"
"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"
"Jingle Bells"
"Hallelujah Chorus"
"Jolly Old St. Nicholas"
"Here We Come A-Caroling"
"Carol of the Bells"
"Up on the House Top"
"Russian Dance"
"Pennies From Heaven" Bing Crosby
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
"Joy to the World" (uncredited)


Actor/actress Character(s)
Sean Flanery Finneas James
Danielle Chuchran Emma
Skyler Holman Mike
Alisha Mullally Miranda
James Gaisford Walker
Ronn Lucas Edgar
Alli Simpson Alli
D.B. Sweeney Burchess
Cathy Worthington Fancy Woman
Danor Gerald Conductor
Heather Beers Zoe
Joey Miyashima Officer Jack
Chiao-ih Hui Duty Nurse
Carlos Cabarcas Asper Pluto
Michael Flynn Dr. Splinter
Kapri Monet Mrs. Claney
Anthony Masters Conner
David Mamata Muggs
Darren Ewing Coach
Alexis Baigue Bing Crosby
Kambria Porter Kambria
Sabrina Andrus Sabrina
Kassidy Lyons Kassidy
Nayely Robledo
Erica Cox
WBBS Girls
Reuben Holdaway
Garrison Woods
BBall Players
Marty Jedlicka Lewiston Coach
Gillian Foreman Finneas's Girlfriend
Angella Joy Dog Adopter
Blake Leszczynski Referee
Gilda McBride Woman Crossing Street
Olivia Ostler Edith Fellows
Karen Peterson Mr. Burchess' Wife
Ryann Peterson Mr. Burchess' daughter
Anna Warner Bank Customer
Theater Patron

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