The following is the Christmas Special and Movie Schedule for 2010. All times listed are US EST/PST unless otherwise noted.

Please note that some specials and movies scheduled to air on certain networks may not be listed until the information becomes available to us.

Channel abbreviation key

Abbreviation Full channel name
ABC American Broadcasting Company
AMC American Movie Classics
BET Black Entertainment Television
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
GMC Gospel Music Channel
HMC Hallmark Movie Channel
INSP The Inspiration Network
LMN Lifetime Movie Network
NBC National Broadcasting Company
TBS Turner Broadcasting Station
TMC Turner Movie Classics
TNT Turner Network Television


'''*''' NOTE: NBC coverage begins at 9 AM in all time zones; that network's coverage will not air in Detroit or Houston due to local coverage of other parades. CBS' alternate coverage, not authorized or sponsored by Macy*s will air at 9 AM ET/1 PM PT.


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