ALF as Santa

ALF dressed as Santa Claus.

"ALF's Special Christmas" is the second Christmas episode of the television series ALF. Originally aired as an hour-length special on NBC on December 14, 1987, it was later split up as a two-part episode in syndication.


ALF and the Tanners prepare to spend Christmas in a mountain cabin. When the owner, Mr. Foley, comes to visit them, ALF accidentally jumps into his trunk and is taken to a hospital. Disguised as a toy, ALF finds himself given away as a Christmas gift to a dying little girl named Tiffany and ends up helping her.


The special was made available on the ALF: Season Two DVD set, released by Lions Gate Entertainment on August 23, 2005. Unlike the other episodes included on the DVDs, the special is actually presented in its original, unedited form. It was also present on The Alf Files DVD, released in Canada by VEI Entertainment.

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