There's a bun in the oven this holiday season.

— Tagline

A Baby for Christmas is a UPtv original m9vie that is originally premiered on December 13, 2015. It is the third in the Chandler Family series of Christmas movies. It was preceded by Marry Us for Christmas, and followed by Merry Christmas, Baby.


It's Christmas with the Chandlers but no one seems to have the Christmas spirit - except for Stephanie, that is. Marci and Blair are obsessing over being the perfect parents, Myra and Donald have retired and suddenly feel useless and Elizabeth is bending over backwards to get a promotion at work. Add to that Stephanie's blooming romance with Lawrence - who is torn between being with her and continuing his mission work - and Christmas seems to be taking a back seat. That is, until a group of kids at an orphanage helps the family to realize that there's more to Christmas than wrapping gifts and baking cookies.


Malinda WilliamsMarci
Victoria RowellStephanie
Kristoff St. JohnLawrence
GregAlan WilliamsDonald
Karon Joesph RileyBlair
Chrystale WilsonElizabeth
Deetta WestMyra
Clifton PowellGavin
Maria ArtisNurse #1
Nurse Parker
Nadej K. BaileyDenny
Nicole BeyserNurse
Keith BoldenBrent
Jasmine BurkeWilhelmina
Brian ChildersDr. Wally
Tiana Dunham
Victoria White
Elias Washington
Shannorris Pollock
Isabel FreemanOrphan
Skylar JonesCaroline
Tara JonesFiona Friendly
Daniela Gaskie (uncrdtd.)Customer

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