This article is about a future Christmas Special or episode of a television series with a Christmas theme. Information may change as the date of this program's airing nears.

A Boy Called Christmas is the upcoming British Christmas feature, based on the 2015 children's novel by Matt Haig, directed by Gil Kenan, director of the 2015 adaptation of Poltergeist.


This is the story of Father Christmas, the tale of a young boy named Nikolas as he goes on his adventures.


Subject to chamge

Actress/actor Character
Kristen Wiig
Maggie Smith Aunt Carlotta
Michiel Huisman Joel
Zoe Colletti
Sally Hawkins The Truth Pixie
Jim Broadbent Father Vodol
Toby Jones Father Topo
Rune Temte Anders
Indica Watson Little Noosh
Sinead Phelps
Peter Hosking Some Elf
James Beaumont Dibby the Guard
Isabel Volava Elf Girl
Philip Lenkowsky Hessu
Abiola Ogunbiyi
Saikat Ahamed Moodon
Henry Lawfull Nikolas
Kendrick Ong Big Hunter
Trish Osmond Goose Lady
Rishi Kuppa Little Kip
Duy Anh Tran Red-Nosed Elf Guard
Isabella O'Sullivan Andrea

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