A Christmas Adventure ...From a Book Called Wisely's Tales is a direct to video special released on October 2, 2001.


Wisley, the owl, reads a story to a group of children. Santa Claus is forced to land in the woods. But, at the same time, a vehicle carrying the circus animals crashes. The woodland creatures, the circus animals, and Santa's reindeer all come together and learn the difference between naughty and nice.


The original score is composed, arrnaged & performed by Michael Richard Plowman

Original Songs

Song Performed by Lyrics by Music & Production
"A Christmas Adventure" Saffron Henderson Dale Sexton
Michael Richard Plowman
M.R. Plowman
"Are You Afraid?" Alistair Munro


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Joey LawrenceWolfpack leader
Tiffani-Amber ThiessenVixen
Dean CainDonner
Richard NewmanWisely Owl
Fran DowieSanta Claus
Saffron HendersonRachael
Cathy WeseluckDarryl
Andrew FrancisNick
Andrea LibmanNatalie
Paul DobsonRockin' Raccoon
Kathleen BarrHoney Bunny
Gerald PlunlettKingly Lion
Lee TockarMousel
Terry KlassenBear
Snowmobile rider #2
P.J. BarberaDasher
Snowmobile rider #1
Venus TerzoDancer
Lynda BoydPrancer
Michael DobsonComet

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