A Christmas Carol is FX's upcoming three-part mini-series adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale of Christmas that will be premiering for the 2019 holiday season. It is FX's first mini-series after Disney's 2019 purchase of Twentieth Century Fox, and the first Christmas Carol TV adaptation since 2006's The Carol Project. It will be released on December 19, 2019.


Subject to change

Joe AlwynBob Cratchit
Stephen GrahamJacob Marley
Guy PearceEbenezer Scrooge
Billy BarrattEbenezer Scrooge (young; E2)
Vinette RobinsonMary Cratchit
Lenny RushTiny Tim E2 & 3)
Tiarna WilliamsBelinda Cratchit (E1 & 3)
Natasha CulzacBelinda Cratchit (Future; E3)
Thea AchilleaScrooge's Daughter (E2)
Emma CaramanElizabeth (Scrooge's wife; E1)
Ninette FinchOld Lady (E3)
Johnny HarrisFranklin Scrooge (E2)
Jason FlemyngGhost of Christmas Future (E3)
Carmel LaniadoLottie (young; E2)
Abraham PopoolaBlacksmith (E1)
Charlotte RileyLottie (E1)
Andy SerkisGhost of Christmas Past (E01)
Elliot WarrenRag & Bone Man (E01)
Uncredited actors/actresses
Zarine HussainMill Worker (E1 & 2)
Lucie Cooper-JonesSchool parent (E3)
Dylan HeathYoung Boy (E2)
Nadia TownsendFamily member (E1)


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