"A Christmas Carol" is the two part Christmas-themed episode and series finale of the PBS Kids animated series Adventures from the Book of Virtues, based on the 1993 Simon & Schuster book "The Book of Virtues", edited by William Bennett, produced and aired as the twelvth and thirteenth episodes of its third and final season.


Part 1

Annie is elected to be president of the drama club just in time for the Christmas pageant, but soon becomes obsessed with how much money will be made so forgets about the point of the message the play is trying to send (she tries to make a play called I'm Dreaming of a Galactic Christmas when they always put on A Christmas Carol). She has several confusing dreams in which she's taken on the role of Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol on her version, with Zack in the role of Bob Cratchit, Plato in the role of Jacob Marley, Aristotle in the role of The Ghost of Christmas Past, Socrates in the role of The Ghost of Christmas Present, and Aurora in the role of The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Part 2

Annie mentions her dreams to Plato, who reads A Christmas Carol to explain what they tell her--and remind that throughout the year, but especially at Christmas, giving to others is the greatest gift to give and the greatest reward.

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