"A Christmas Story" is the first Christmas episode of the FOX sitcom The Bernie Mac Show, aired in the show's first season.


A Christmas angel disguised as a dog named Buddy (whom only Bryana can understand) comes by and Vanessa decides to keep him. Their they cover him and make sure he does not get discovered by Bernie until he blows his cover by making a mess, chewing a shoe, and pooping on the floor and revealing himself on their faces. Bernie decides to take him away after they plead not to, but it turns out that he plans on giving him back this Christmas. They attempt to ruin his Christmas by destroying his stuff. Bernie angrily claims that the dog is going back. Vanessa soon discovers dog stuff and decide to be nice to him. On Christmas Eve, they find out Bernie took the dog back and cry over it. He gets the dog back but Vanessa and Jordan begin to have second thoughts after Buddy rips up their stuff and decide to ditch him. But they decide to get him back after seeing how much loved him. They managed to by him back and give him back to Bryana. Later on Jordan and (even) Vanessa gives him a gift. Buddy informs Bryana that his job is done and he no longer has to stay with them (his mission was to bring the family together) and tells her he loves her before disappearing. Bernie soon believes that Buddy may be an angel.


The episode was made available in The Bernie Mac Show: Season One DVD set, released on May 4, 2004.

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