"A Christmas Tale: Dr. Mike's Dream" is the first Christmas episode of the CBS drama series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, originally aired as the eleventh episode of the show's second season.


Mike is mired in a Christmas Eve career/identity crisis after a patient dies unexpectedly after having a heart attack during routine procedure. After helping a pregnant woman deliver her baby in Robert E.'s stable, She is visited by a friendly angel – the Cooper kids' deceased mom, Charlotte. Charlotte takes Dr. Mike on a trip to the past, present and future. In the past, she remembers her father and a scene where she sings carols late at night with her patients during medical school. In her present, she is helping a woman deliver her baby while Mike and Sully hide the woman and her husband from their families who disapprove of their marriage. The future shows Mike with Colleen, Matthew, some grandchildren (though the viewers do not know whose children they are), and a late-arriving Brian who is in his military uniform, having just arrived after being on a ship in the navy. A "grandpa" is in the kitchen cooking, but we never see him or find out his identity. On this journey, Mike concludes that the choices and decisions she has made for her career and life the right ones. The Grandfather of the newborn child decides that he does not want to press charges.

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