A Christmas to Remember is a 1978 CBS TV movie, staring Jason Robards, Eva Marie Saint and Joanne Woodward, that premiered on December 20, 1978. It is adapted by Stewart Stern, based on Glendon Swarthout's 1977 novel The Christmas Gift (aka The Melodeon).


Rusty McCloud is sent by his economically-strapped mother to live on his grandparents' farm one winter during the Great Depression. The grandparents, Daniel Larson and his wife Emma, are still grieving the loss of their son in World War I, and Daniel in particular is initially gruff and resentful toward his grandson. However, a bond gradually develops between the two of them, and as Christmas approaches they work to deliver a melodeon left by the dead son to the local church as a surprise gift.


Jason RobardsDaniel Larson
Eva Marie SaintEmma Larson
George ParryRusty McCloud
Joanne WoodwardMildred McCloud
Bryan EnglundDanny Larson
Mary-Beth ManningLouise Hockmeyer
Nora MartinLollie Hockmeyer
Sally ChamberlinLil Hockmeyer
Arvid CarlsonRalph Youngquist
Mildred CarlsonBeulah Youngquist
Allen HamiltonOskar Hockmeyer
Guy PaulTall Fellow
Alex MayerRussell McCloud (grown)
Pamela DanserLollie Hockmeyer (grown)
Lowell AndersonPreacher


  • Art director Alex Mayer makes a onscreen cameo as the grown-up version of Russell McCloud.


The film was nominated for the 1979 Golden Globes Award for Best Sound Mixing, and won the 1979 WGA TV Award for Stewart Stern on Anthology Adaptation, which was tied with Lonne Elder III for NBC's two-part mini-series A Woman Called Moses.

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