"A Christmassy Ted" is the Christmas special of Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted and was broadcast on December 24, 1996. Unlike other episodes of the series which were 21-22 minutes, this was 55 minutes long.


Christmas is two days away and all the lights are on - but nobody's at home in Dougal's head. He's desperate to find out what's behind the next window in the Advent Calendar - will it be a load of people in a stable, or Ruud Gullit sitting on a shed?

While Dougal is getting over-excited, Ted is brooding on yet another year stuck on Craggy Island without achieving anything. Still, at least he can look forward to a nice quiet Christmas with no unusual incidents or strange people turning up...


Actor/Actress Character
Dermot Morgan Father Ted Crilly
Ardal O'Hanlon Father Dougal McGuire
Frank Kelly Father Jack Hackett
Pauline McLynn Mrs. Doyle

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