"A Dickens Christmas: The Runaways" is the second of the three Christmas episodes of ITV's short-lived anthlogy series Tales from Dickens, hosted & narrated by Fredric March, that is produced and aired on December 27, 1959, the same date as the previous episode "A Christmas Carol". As the title suggests, it is based on Dickens' novel The Old Curiosity Shop.


Campbell CottsOld Gentleman
Bobby HowesBoots
Beatrice KaneMrs. Lirriper
Ann LancasterSecond Maid
Athene SeylerMrs. Piff
Caroline SheldonFlora
Martin StephensHarry
Peter StephensMr. Lirriper
Totti Truman TaylorStout Lady
Ralph TrumanGuardian
Susan WesterbyLettie

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