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"A Dickens of a Christmas" is the Christmas special of the ITV comedy series Fresh Fields, produced and aired as a bridge between the third and fourth series.


Eager for their first Christmas with their grandson, Hester and William are disappointed when Emma says she and Peter have suddenly made other plans. Who will help them consume all that extra food and drink? Fortunately Sonia is happy to come bringing husband John, and Guy will join any party to be close to Nancy. William invites his secretary, and the Fields have one of their best celebrations ever.


Julia McKenzieHester Fields
Anton RodgersWilliam Fields
Ann BeachSonia Barrett
Fanny RoweNancy Penrose
Ballard BerkeleyGuy Penrose
Daphne OxenfordMiss Denham
John ArthurJohn
Debby CummingEmma
Zulema DeneMrs. Fielder

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