A Dog for Christmas - Official Trailer (HD)


A Dog for Christmas is the local 2015 movie that is acquired in 2019 by Green Apple Entertainment.


The entire family stays at Dave and Sandy's home for the holidays. Kassandra wants a puppy for Christmas, but Mom and Dad aren't ready for that. Will Santa grant Kassandra's only wish for Christmas?


Actor(s)/actress(es) Character(s)
Dean Cain Earl
Richard Karn Santa
Dustin Diamond Fred
Hugh Gall Dave Madison
Janet Caine Sandy Madison
Sophie Bolen Kasandra Madison
Derek Brandon Brandon
Joseph Scott Anthony Daryl
Mark Boyd Matt
Keith Seccombe Wesley
Brian Titus Ben
Kristin Mellian Rachel
Paul Tierney
Dominik Peplinski Dominik
Riley Snider Earl's Son
Gabrielle Snider Gabby
Rachel White
Tom Kruszewski College Hockey Guy
Joshua Bell Aggravated Patron
Kim Crozier Anna
Linda L. Douglas Marsha
Glenn Alverson Office Boss
William Babbit, Jr. Dad (walking with daughter)
Caitlin Babbitt Girl (walking with dad)
Jay J. Bidwell Belching Party Guest
Dana Blackstone Susannah
Dylan Brandon Cousin
Carrie Foster Neighbor #2
Elizabeth Foster Herself
Emily Foster Neighbor #3
Mark R. Foster Husband in Bumping Car
Paula Marie Fournier Woman in Bumping Car
Joe Goode Waiter #1
Kim Harris Parent
Laura Henderson Cashier
Brandon Hoezee Young Office Guy
Zachary Hunt Zach
Jennifer Jelsema Hostess
Dane Kieninger Dane
Teri Lee Carol
John McDevitt III College kid #3
Rose Anne Nepa Christmas Party Attendee
Schuyler Norton Wesley's Son
Kathleen Overfield Woman
(Earl cuts in front of at grocery store)
Randall Perry Neighbor #1
Dominik Rossin Jeffrey
Jettzen Shea Kyle
Jeff Sicile Pedestrian
Ethan Slavin Cousin
Julia Smith Girl at skating rink
Michael Szczepanink Jumbo Loan Guy
Mishell Szczepanink Office Party Kim
Jason M. Varso Mark
Tiffany Burns Market Shopper
Ice Skater
Work Christmas Party Goer
Patricia Cissell Diner patron
Harrison Flechsig College Hockey Guy
Brandon Lang Party Guest
Linda Linsley Christmas Office Party guest
Allison Mooney Pedestrian
Baylie Mooney Pedestrian

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