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A Doggone Christmas (2016) - Trailer

A Doggone Christmas is the 2016 Christmas movie, starring Dominique Swain, Rib Hillis, Laurie Parkinson, Amy Holt and YouTube sensation 'Just Jessie' the Jack, that was released in a limited theatrical release on November 1, 2016 before releasing on DVD three weeks later.


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Murphy, an amazing pup with special telepathic abilities, escapes a government lockdown and runs straight into the loving arms of two young brothers. But the Washington brass won’t give up their secret weapon that easily. The boys and their school buddies must hide their gifted four-legged friend from helicopters, drones, and an FBI task force charged with returning the pint-size Jack Russell Terrier at all costs. Can this unexpected team of heroes, armed with only their wits, their bikes, and a strong bond with Murphy, channel the real spirit of Christmas to save the day?



Casting by Kate Enggren

Actor/actress Character(s)
Jaret Sacrey Agent Sheppard
Zachary Cirino Bartender
Dominique Swain Dr. Langley
'Just Jesse' the Jack (Dog) Murphy
Troy Fromin Agent Don
Freddy James Agent Mike
Jeff Gehron Man in Dining Car
Sydney Thackray Girl in Train
Gail Thackray Mother on Train
Walker Mintz Jamie
Jonathan Tysor Ronnie
Jolie Ledford Janelle
Dilan Patton Issac
Jayden Hedden Hugo
Gunnar Gruenewald Joey
Paul Logan Cutler
Rib Hillis Robert
Amy Holt Amy
Lauren Parkinson Camilla Sharp
Bryan Clark Principal's Assistant
Mark Tietsort Callahan
Trisha Curry (voice) Little Nelly
Steve Altman (voice) Murphy
Bob Hummel
Maxine Abarbara
Delia Cirino
Cynthia Fromin
Enjie Cirino
Steve Savage
Patrick Giraudi
Train Passengers
Michael Townsend
Curtis Scott
Andrew Wayman
Timothy Ray Brandon
Jon Kruse
Soldiers on Night Patrol



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