"A Flipmas Carol" is the third Christmas-themed episode of the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House, produced as the second segment in the eighth episode of the show's fifth season. As the title suggests, it is also the show's take on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


It's Christmas Eve in Royal Woods, and Flip is taking advantage of the last-minute holiday shoppers at his convenience store. He gets Mr. Grouse to buy an entire bin of Christmas lights for $500, tricks Cheryl and Meryl into buying a nearly-dead tree, and makes the McBrides pay full price for a set of inflatable decorations by telling them the sale on them ended a few seconds ago. Lynn Loud Sr. then arrives with Lisa, needing to purchase a Christmas dinner because he's been busy at his restaurant all day. Lynn Sr. buys as many ingredients as possible, despite Lisa observing the low quality of the food, which Flip denies. After they leave, Lynn Jr. arrives, telling Flip she's finished his present deliveries, which she's been stuck having to do to pay for damages she caused to the restroom door. Unfortunately, Flip tells her that she needs to deliver more presents tonight and tomorrow (Christmas Day). After Lynn angrily leaves, Cheryl warns Flip that his actions will have consequences, but Flip just laughs that off.

That night, as Flip has gone to bed, he is awoken by a ghost resembling Lisa. The ghost introduces herself at the Ghost of Christmas Past, saying she is the first of three (really four) ghosts who have come to show him the errors of his ways. The Ghost brings Flip back in time to the night of his middle school's Christmas dance. That evening, Flip had finally gotten the courage to ask his crush, Tammy Gobblesworth, to dance with him. Sadly, he was denied entry because he lost his ticket. He then bought another ticket and a bouquet of flowers from Scoots, but he then found out the hard way that the ticket was fake, and the flowers immediately wilted. And to add insult to injury, Scoots told him all sales were final. Seeing his chances to dance with the girls of his dreams ruined because he was scammed, Flip vowed he would never be tricked again, and thus became the swindler he is now (and also spontaneously grew his mustache).

Flip then wakes up, believing he was just dreaming that flashback to his youth, when he suddenly hears someone laughing outside. He steps outside to find two more ghosts, resembling Lincoln and Clyde, drinking Flippees. The two introduce themselves as the Ghosts of Christmas Present, and take Flip to see the consequences his actions have had on his customers. Cheryl and Meryl's tree collapses when they try to decorate it; the McBrides' inflatable decorations quicky deflate; Mr. Grouse can't get the lights to work and ends up shorting out his house's power and falling off his ladder; and the Loud family's Christmas Eve dinner is ruined by the food's questionable quality. Flip tries to deny this being his fault, but he suddenly starts feeling pains of guilt, and the Ghosts warn him that it'll only get worse if he does not change his ways.

Flip wakes up again, determined to not let the ghosts tell him what to do, when he suddenly hears the last ghost approaching. Flip attempts to escape in his van, but the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who resembles Lucy, appears in the passenger seat and proceeds to show him the bleak future in store for him. The Ghost reveals, to Flip's horror, that if he does not change his ways, his customers will grow tired of his swindling and stop coming to his store, eventually driving him out of business. Furthermore, she then brings Flip to the cemetery, where she reveals his lonely grave (which has a pizza box in place of a tombstone), telling him that he will die from slipping on nacho cheese, and no one will come to his funeral (with the exception of Scoots, who quickly leaves because there's no food service). This brings Flip to finally realizes the severity of his actions, and he begs the Ghost to give him another chance, when he is suddenly pulled into an open grave.

This causes Flip to wake up for real this time, and he realizes that he still has time to make up for his selfish actions. So he goes around around town to make amends with everyone he cheated last night. He gives Cheryl and Meryl a sturdy Christmas tree, re-inflates the McBrides' inflatable decorations himself, and getting Mr. Grouse's Christmas lights to work. Lastly, he comes to the Loud House, where he tells Lynn that she doesn't have to do his deliveries anymore, saying her debt is now fully repaid. He also gives a genuine turkey for Lynn Sr. to cook (during which he learns that his old crush Tammy is the one running the turkey company) and presents for all eleven of the Loud kids (including his Flippee machine, which he almost admits he must've stuffed into his bag by accident), who all thank him for his generosity.


Voice actor Character
Asher Bishop Lincoln Loud
Ghost Lincoln
Jessica DiCicco Lynn Loud Jr.
Lucy Loud
Ghost Lucy
Grey Griffin Lana Loud
Lola Loud
Lara Jill Miller Lisa Loud
Ghost Lisa
Andre Robinson Clyde McBride
Ghost Clyde
Brian Stepanek Lynn Loud Sr.
John DiMaggio Flip Phillipini
Bud Grouse
Michael McDonald Howard McBride

Note: Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud, Lily Loud, Rita Loud, and Harold McBride appear, but do not have speaking parts.


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