A Frozen New Year's Eve is the Christmas/New Year's Eve-themed spin-off installment of WowNow Entertainment's A Frozen Christmas franchise.


It's the New Year's Dance Party - North Pole's greatest event - and all the animals and friends in town are eager to show off their best moves onstage! Join Santa himself, along with his main reindeer Mittens, and all from around the town's favorites like Peepz the Turkey, Violet the Bunny, Lily the Cow, Benny the Bear and Fritz the wise-cracking ice cream monkey! It's A Frozen New Year's Eve - a holiday to remember.


Voice actress/actorCharacter(s)
Larry G. JonesFirtz
Kelsey PainterBenny
Mrs. Shirtless
Sarah TaylorMittens
Tina ShusterLily
Tim RyanOther voices

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