"A Girl and Her Cat" is the first Christmas episode of the fantasy sitcom Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, originally aired on ABC as the eleventh episode of the show's first season.


It's Christmas Eve and Salem is getting distinctly stir crazy. When Sabrina finds that he's clawed her favorite Christmas sweater, she gets very upset with him. Sabrina decides to go off and meet up with Harvey at The Slicery, and Salem stows away in her shoulder bag. When he emerges and starts chasing a mouse, Sabrina and Salem are ejected from the premises via the back entrance. Sabrina is furious and leaves Salem in a trash can in the alley and goes home. After a while Sabrina starts to get worried when Salem doesn't return home. Meanwhile, Salem has been knocked over and then kidnapped by a small kid on a bicycle named Rex. Salem manages to make a phone call to tell Sabrina and her aunts that he's been kidnapped but he's unable to tell them exactly where he is, so they set off on a door to door search for him.

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