A Golden Christmas is a Ion Television original movie, presented & distributed worldwide by MarVista Entertainment, that premiered on December 13, 2009.


Jessica is a federal lawyer who returns to her parent's home for Christmas. When she discovers that the house where she grew up was sold to a stranger, Jessica look for ways to buy it back again. She tries to get Michael, the new owner, arrested, but she also doesn't remember who he really is.


Actress(es)/actor Character(s)
Andrea Roth Jessica (adult)
Kali Majors Jessica (young)
Nicholas Brendon Michael (adult)
Sam Cohen Michael (young)
Elisa Donovan Anna
Bruce Davison Rod
Alley Mills Katherine
Jason London Mitch
Daniel Zykov Henry
Melody Hollis Madeline
Sherman (Dog) The Dog
Robert Seay Chet
Chastity Dotson Jill Robington
K.C. Clyde (uncredited) David Bennett
Kristi Culbert (uncredited)
Elsa & William Myers (uncredited)
Joseph James (uncredited) Happy (Male couple)
Eli Jane (uncredited) Tina (Chets Wife)


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