A Hobo's Christmas
A hobo's christmas print ad 1987
Courtesy pays big dividends and doesn't cost a penny.

— Chance Grover, the Hobo

A Hobo's Christmas is a 1987 TV movie, originally produced for and aired on CBS in December 6, 1987.


Chance Grovner, a hobo, decides it's time to go home. Drifting from place to place, Chance finds himself in his hometown of Salt Lake City at Christmas time. Here he hopes to close old wounds and be reunited with, Charlie, his unforgiving son, and get to know the grandchildren he has never met. Charlie, still resenting the fact that Chance ran out on his family 25 years earlier, gives his father only one day with his grandkids; after that, he's expected to leave and never come back. All the while Chance' friends warn him that his son and the past are memories that are best left alone, and should leave, but he has to find out for himself.


Actor/Actress Character
Barnard Hughes Chance Grovner
Gerald McRaney Charlie
Wendy Crewson Laurie
William Hickey Cincinnati Harold
Lee Weaver Biloxi Slim
Jamie Mills Kathy Grovner
Harley Cross Bobby Grovner
Helen Stenborg Mrs. Gladys Morgan
Michael Rudd Omaha John Boswell
Logan Field Lt. Nielsen
Alan Gregory Desk Clerk
Michael Flynn Priest
Laura Hughes Carolina Blue
Dana Cutrer Cajun
Donré Sampson Desk Sergeant
Gregory Dee Watts Topeka Kid
Curley Green Orderly
Gail Ho Nurse
Gae P. Cowley Waitress

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