"A Lovely Christmas Eve" (素敵な聖夜?) is the Christmas episode of the Japanese Super Sentai program Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It originally aired on the Japanese television network TV Asahi on Christmas Day of 2011.

Since the Japanese Super Sentai shows are the basis for the American Power Rangers series, Gokaiger was adapted as Power Rangers Super Megaforce in 2014. However, this episode was not adapted as any particular episode of Super Megaforce.


The Gokaigers try to maintain their usual piratical air of indifference to the holiday season while foiling a plot by the Zangyack Empire to ruin everyone's holiday - and the Earth itself - by turning people into toy ragdolls! Can one of the past Super Sentai teams help them gain the spirit to enjoy the day, and the power to save it? And who is the Christmas Ranger?

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