"A Tree Talks in Melrose" is the sixth Christmas episode of the FOX drama Melrose Place, aired in the show's sixth season.


Michael puts all the stops in an attempt to win back Megan. Brett fears that his plan is succeeding when Megan decides not to serve Michael with divorce papers until after Christmas. He arranges for them to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Jennifer blackmails Lexi into freeing Brett of his alimony obligations, then gets him to hand over his "forged" sketches of the cauterizer. A panicked Lexi overdoses. Jennifer severs her ties with Michael after learning that he did steal the idea for the invention. Taylor convinces longtime friend Jon Secada to perform a Christmas Eve concert to help make a balloon payment. After Kyle passes out drunk with the evening's proceeds beside him, Taylor hides it. She pretends that it was stolen, then talks him into coming to Las Vegas with her to win it back. Billy is forced to decorate with Connie when Samantha has to work late. Connie constantly tries to undermine him and makes a pass at him. Samantha takes Connie's side when Billy orders her to leave.

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