"A Very Beary Christmas" is the special Christmas-themed episode of Pig Tales (formerally The Princess and the Pea Chronicles), the spin-off series of Feature Films for Families' 2002 animated feature The Princess and the Pea, from the original fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. It is debuted on DVD for the 2009 Holiday season, as part of FFfF's 20th Anniversary.


There's a mistletoe drought but Baltazar Bear and his piglet friends have a special talent to share if the villagers can open their hearts and realize that Christmas is for everyone.



Voice actress/actorCharacter(s)
Erin WorlandPrincess Daria
Nigel LambertSebastian
Devin BrowserHungry
Skyler PayneFearless
Rachel GreyPrincess
Mariona FarnsworthChippy
David StanleySir Winthrop
Joseph BatzelBaltazar
Nathan SearsSandy
Mist L. Toe
Joe FowlerPerry
Sam PaynePlague

Parents Guide

This episode contains two questions that your family can discuss:

  1. With the help of Chippy and the piglets, Baltazar was able to do something very different for a bear.
    What special things would you like to accomplish?
  2. The villagers said to Baltazar that he doesn't belong at a Christmas celebration.
    Why do you think it is important to include others in special celebrations?
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