"A Very Cutlip Christmas" is the second Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom The Wonder Years, aired in the show's fourth season.


While Christmas shopping with Norma, Kevin discovers that his gym teacher, Coach Cutlip, has another job as the mall Santa Claus and acts far different from the strict, no-nonsense educator he knows. Cutlip finds out that Kevin knows and starts excusing him from tough gym classes as well as doing him other favors so he won't give up his secret to the rest of the class. This angers them, who don't know what he's done to deserve such special treatment, causing him to accidentally gives away the secret to Doug Porter. Doug then tells Randy Mitchell, who tells Tommy Kisling, so they gather a mob to the mall and try to find and ridicule their strict teacher. However, when they spot him standing in his Santa suit, they find they can't bring themselves to make fun of someone who's only trying to make children happy and pretend not to see him.


The episode was made available on The Wonder Years: The Complete Series DVD set, released by StarVista and Time-Life on September 29, 2014.

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