A Very Merry Cricket is a 1973 animated television special. It was directed by Chuck Jones, who also wrote the teleplay with George Selden. It was a sequel to their acclaimed adaptation of A Cricket In Times Square and was followed by another holiday sequel Yankee Doodle Cricket.


The special was released on VHS in the 1980s, in 1992 on a Double Feature VHS also containing another Christmas special Bluetoes the Christmas Elf, and in 1999 by Family Home Entertainment. It was released on DVD for the first time with another Chuck Jones special, Mowgli's Brothers in 2005, and later as part of the Chuck Jones Collection DVD in 2007, both released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.


Voice Actor/Actress Character(s)
Les Tremayne Chester C. Cricket
Harry the Cat
Toy Santa
Traffic Cop
Mel Blanc Tucker R. Mouse
Alley Cat
Traffic Cop
June Foray (Uncredited) Woman
Little Boy
Little Girl
Daws Butler (Uncredited) Various Voices
Bob Holt (Uncredited)
Don Messick (Uncredited)

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