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A Very Monkey Christmas is the hour-length Christmas episode of the PBS animated series Curious George. It was released direct-to-DVD on October 13, 2009, before airing on many PBS stations on November 25th of the same year. After airing on PBS, it was released in theaters in 2009 and 2010 by Kidtoon Films.


It is Christmas time but George and Ted have a problem. They must both find out what each other wants for Christmas. George draws out his Christmas list with a simple picture but Ted cannot seem to see what it is, nor can anybody else who has an animal companion like the Doorman or Chef Pisghetti even though they can perfectly understand their companion. Ted tells George to just surprise him and George decides to make him a present, although he can't decide what to make. Meanwhile, Betsy tries to write her Aunt Margret a new Christmas song but everything about Christmas, from snow to Santa, already has one. Soon Betsy writes the first one about a Christmas monkey and Ted gets visited by Mr. Reloj in a dream who shows him what George's life would be like if he were the animal companion of other characters on the show. Since each character specifically understands their own animal friend, and George is George no matter who he is together with, Ted learns that he is George's proper companion and finally finds out what George wants.


The special was nominated for the 2010 Annie Award for Best Home Entertainment Production; it lost to Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Voice cast[]

Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Grey DeLisle Betsy
Jim Cummings Chef Pisghetti
Frank Welker Curious George
Rob Paulsen Ghost of Time Going Sideways
Mr. Reloj
Jeff Bennett Ted (The Man with the Yellow Hat)
Rino Romano Narrator
E.G. Daily Additional characters

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