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Mr. Lunt: Hey, down in front.
Bob: I am down.
Mr. Lunt: You are not.
Bob: Look, this is sitting, and this is standing. I'm sitting.
Mr. Lunt: Okay.

— Bob tells Mr Lunt he's sitting and not standing.

A Very Veggie Christmas is a Christmas album starring the characters from Big Idea's VeggieTales, America's first CGI-animated video show. Bob is hosting the first annual Veggie Christmas party. It promises to be an international night, with Larry, Junior, Archibald, and others performing Christmas songs from around the world. And the food will be traditional Polish Christmas dishes - if Oscar the caterer ever shows up. When the party starts, the food has not arrived yet, some of the singers are running late, and people are making a mess of Bob's house! Bob removes the stains. Palmy arrives after the Grapes sang, the food arrives after While By My Sheep. Then things go right at the end. The album also includes the songs from their first special: The Toy that Saved Christmas, which included the portion of He Is Born, the Holy Child during the last shot of the original 1996 version. But in the re-release, the portion of Away in a Manger was used during the last shot. Two of the songs were later used in the their TV special: The VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!, while the song The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas was used in their retelling of The Little Drummer Boy.

Track list[]

# Title
1 Talking
(Larry and his friend Manuel go first.)
2 Feliz Navidad
(A portion is used in one shot of the special, in which the penguin is cleaning dishes.)
3 More Talking
(Archibald goes next and explains his song before singing it.)
4 The Boar's Head Carol
5 Still More Talking
(Archibald has another song to sing.)
6 Ring, Little Bells
(Later used in The VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!)
7 Vegetables Talking
(Pa Grape and his family bring their car into Bob's house for their song.)
8 Go Tell It on the Mountain
9 More Vegetables Talking
(Palmy makes it to the party and starts his song.)
10 Angels We Have Heard on High
11 Vegetables Talking About Watching A Video
(Bob plays The Toy that Saved Christmas for the next few songs.)
12 Can't Believe it's Christmas
(From The Toy that Saved Christmas.)
13 Vegetables Talking During A Video
(Bob leaves the room as they fast forward to the next song)
14 Grumpy Kids
(from The Toy that Saved Christmas)
15 More Talking
(Bob finds sheep in his bathroom and Junior tells him he needs to there until his song comes up.)
16 Silly Songs with Larry: Oh, Santa!
(From The Toy that Saved Christmas.)
17 Even More Talking
(The French Peas decide to go next before they faint.)
18 He Is Born, the Holy Child
(A portion is used during the special's last shot in the original 1996 version of The Toy that Saved Christmas.)
19 Vegetables Talking To Sheep
(Junior gets his sheep out of the bathroom for his song.)
20 While By My Sheep
(Later used in The VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!)
21 Vegetables Talking to a Polish Caterer
(Everyone's about ready to do The Big Medley, then Oscar the Polish Caterer arrives with the food.)
22 The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas (Later used in The Little Drummer Boy)
23 Vegetables Tire of Talking
(Everyone ate too much food, Oscar leaves, and Bob tells them to power through it ad do The Big Medley.)
24 The Big Medley!
25 The End of the Talking
(Everyone says Merry Christmas and close out the album.)
26 Away in a Manger
(a portion is used during the special's last shot in the 1997 re-release of The Toy that Saved Christmas.)


Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Phil Vischer Bob the Tomato
Archibald Asparagus
Phillipe Pea
Jimmy Gourd
Pa Grape
Tom Grape
Mr. Nezzer
Mr. Lunt
Percy Pea*
Silly Song Announcer*
Bank Robber (Scallion #1)*
and Sheep #1.
Mike Nawrocki Larry the Cucumber
Jerry Gourd
Jean-Claude Pea
The IRS Agent (The Peach)
Oscar the Polish Caterer,
Sheep #2.
Lisa Vischer Junior Asparagus
Mom Asparagus
Bridget Miller Lenny Carrot*
Rosie Grape
Chris Olsen Christophe Pea
Heidi Landis Ma Grape
Javier Alverez Manuel
Jeff Morrow Palmy
Ken Cavanagh Buzz-Saw Louie*
Kristin Blegen Laura Carrot*
Kurt Heinecke Sheep #3
Lesley Benodin Lil' Pea*


  • On the original 1996 version (as well as iTunes and other digital music sources), the audio for some talking parts is different:
  • The audience applauds after Grumpy Kids and Oh, Santa!, which never happens on the physical 1998 and 2008 CD versions.
  • The crowd cheering applause sound effect after Oh, Santa! is replaced with the applause clapping sound effect in the iTunes version.
  • Jimmy and Jerry Gourd ask Junior if they can count their sheep and Larry asks to use the bathroom. Junior's scream of "I called the coach!" is sicker than his normal pitch on the 1998 and 2008 CD versions.
  • Also, in the 1996 and iTunes versions, when Bob asks "Is everyone having a good time?" after Palmy's song, everyone in the audience replies "YEAH!" This does not happen in the 1998 and 2008 CD versions.
  • When the CD was re-released in 1998, it was originally going to be re-named "Bob and Larry's Christmas."
  • This also marks the first time Palmy (the palm tree from Larry's Lagoon) is officially named by the other characters, as well his last speaking role.
  • The audio quality in the entire soundtrack is somewhat grating at times, particularly the speaking tracks. Mike Nawrocki stated in the Little Drummer Boy commentary that they used a different recording, hence why they redid the audio for Eight Polish Christmas dishes.
  • This is the only album to have many different covers. The first cover was a reprint from The Toy that Saved Christmas, which came out a month before this album.
  • Some of the songs from this album were also originally heard in The Toy that Saved Christmas, despite the album being released a month after. It is possible that this album was put into production at the same time as The Toy that Saved Christmas.
  • "While By My Sheep" and "Ring Little Bells" were later animated for the VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!, while "The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas" was re-recorded as a Silly Song in The Little Drummer Boy.
  • This won a GMA Dove Award for the 1997 Children Music's Album of the Year.
  • "Away in a Manger" and "He is Born, the Holy Child" were included as bonus features on The Star of Christmas.
  • There was an animated version of the original CD version of this album posted online and several ex-Big Idea employees (including Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, and Kurt Heinecke) have seen it.

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