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A Very Wompkee Christmas is the direct-to-video movie that is premiered for the 2003 holiday season.


"It's Christmas Eve in the magical world of Wompkee Wood. Our big-eared elfin friends, the Wompkees, are preparing for a wonderful Christmas celebration. Twig, the littlest Wompkee, longingly hopes that her biggest wish ever, will come true...she wants to fly like all the other Whompkees! Luckily, Twig will get her Christmas wish just in time to save Wompkee Wood and the Christmas Celebration from the diabolical designs of the evil ice witch, Iglora Borealis."


  • Christmas Eve in Wompkee Wood
  • Iglora's Song
  • Christmas Wishes
  • When Your Heart is Ready


Voice ofCharacter
Laura Darrell (lead vocals)
Alexandra Dietrich (vocals)
Lynne LambertTwig
Mary MontiGran
Fred NewmanHummer
Chris PhillipsScout
Alice PlaytenBuster
Kelli RabkeDaisy

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