This article is about the mouse from The Star. For other uses of Abby, see the disambig page.

Abby is a character from the 2017 Sony Pictures Animation's film The Star.


She is light brown and white mouse with pink nose and have brown eyes.


She is talkative, loyal to Mary and want to help her.


A mouse named Abby overhears and tells the other animals as a star begins glowing brightly in the night. Thaddeus and Rufus, interrogate Abby to find out about the person. Abby travels through the desert to alert Mary. She makes it to the animals and telling them about the danger, only to see the baby is born. Abby, other animals, shepherds, and three wise men arrive to see baby Jesus, and Bo realizes that he has been carrying the new King the whole time. Deborah predicts that this event will be remembered around the world for years to come.


  • Her name was originally going to be simply "Mouse".
  • She is the first animal to know about Mary's pregnancy.
  • Despite her voice actress being credited and being one of the main characters, Abby's role in the film was short. However, she is the first character to appear in the movie.
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