Adam M. Lyon is the protagonist from the Cartoon Network animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey. He is the 11-year-old student at Charles Darwin Middle School and the only human, among 3,451 other animal students. Adam's gym partner and best friend is Jake Spidermonkey, who, though rarely loyal, is his only ally in the warzone of his school. Adam is downtrodden, disheartened, and emotionally distraught, with his predominantly-animal middle school, constantly torturing him with their avant-garde method of learning. Still, however, Adam still stands up for himself and can be determined and strong willed trooper, who comes out on top of every fight with bigger animals, and passes his off-the-norm classes with flying colors. He walks out of school every day alive, in good health, albeit teetering on the borderline of sanity.

Adam had a major role in the Christmas episode, "Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas", where he was apparently the only one who didn't get the memo that today was the first day of the national five-day-long holiday event, Animas. Apparently, Animas is a surprise holiday that happens on a random day, once every year and all animals have the collective instinct to know when it begins and what to do on it. Adam, on the other hand, being a human, does not come equipped with these natural instincts and has completely missed the boat on the first Animas day celebration. Throughout the episode, Adam desperately tries many things to get on board with the Animas party, but consistently fails enough to drive him to giving up his Animas spirit. This strikes like a knife through the hearts of all the joyful animals of CDMS, believing Adam has ruined Animas for them. Adam goes on a soul search, through the city limits of Glendale and a visit to Samurai Quan's restaurant helps him to realize he's had the Animas instincts all along. He just needed to clear his head. Joyfully, Adam returns to CDMS and spreads his newfound Animas cheer, restoring happiness to CDMS and saving Animas for everyone. On the fifth and final day of Animas, everyone sits around the table for a feast and makes a speech about what they've learned over the past five days of Animas. Adam mentions his discovery of the true spirit of Animas, which is learning to trust his instincts, be they animal or human. He then tops it all of with saying the most important lesson he learned was that next year, he should just stay home.

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