"Gramma" Alice Delores Green is the matriarch of the eponymous family from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. She is Bill Green's ill-tempered mother and the grandmother of Tilly and Cricket Green. She is a very cranky, strict old woman who is bitter to almost everyone she meets (she particularly does not trust her son's ex-wife, Nancy), but still cares deeply for her son and grandkids.

Appearances in Christmas specials

Gramma has a major role in the series' Christmas episode, "Green Christmas". During the opening song, she claims the worst part of Christmas are "those three stupid ghosts" who tell her she's a "scrooge". In the episode's subplot, she and Nancy realize they forgot to get a gift for Bill and confess in the bathroom. Rather than get away with it because of how "clingy" Bill gets this time of year, the two decide to work together to get one for him in secret. They first try to make a gift in the garage, but the statue they made turns out terrible, so they take Bill caroling to distract him so they can check the stores downtown. Unfortunately, all the stores are closed, to Gramma's confusion and shock.

Not wanting to give up once, Gramma and Nancy's search continues into the night when a blizzard strikes, despite Nancy protesting that it's too late now. They are eventually found by Bill, who heard about the blizzard and the kids are still out there; once the kids are picked up, Bill is surprised that everyone is silent and assumes they're saving their enthusiasm for later. On Christmas Day, Gramma confesses the truth, but to her and Nancy's shock, Bill found the statue they made it and claims it's perfect. Gramma also reluctantly agrees to do every Christmas thing Bill wants to do along with Nancy.

Other Christmas productions

Gramma makes a cameo along with Cricket in Disney Channel's Epic Holiday Showdown where Cricket is revealed to be on the "so-so" list and is challenged to prank call Ebenezer Scrooge in order to get back on the nice list. When Cricket has trouble at first, Gramma takes over and is successful; Cricket is back on the nice list, but Gramma herself is on the naughty list, which she's fine with.

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