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"All Alone on Christmas" is a Christmas song written by Steven Van Zandt, and performed by Darlene Love with members of both the E Street Band and the Miami Horns.


The cold wind is blowing
and the streets are getting dark
I'm writing you a letter
and I don't know where to start

The bells will be ringing
St. John the Divine
I get a little lonely
everyday around this time

The music plays all
night in Little Italy
The lights will be going up
on old Rockefeller's tree

People window shoppin'
on Fifth Avenue
All I want for Christmas
is you

(Tell me) I've got to know
Nobody ought to be alone on Christmas
(Where do lonely hearts go)
Nobody ought to be alone on Christmas
(Oh) Nobody ought to be all alone on Christmas

Things are different since
you've been here last
Childhood dreaming is
a thing of the past

Maybe you can bring
us some hope this year
Visions of sugar
plums have disappeared

Do you remember sleigh
ridin' in the snow
And dancin' all night
to 'Baby, Please Come Home'

Today's celebration
is bittersweet
There's mothers and
children in the street


I'm all grown up but
I'm the same you'll see
I'm writing you this letter
'cause I still believe

Dear Santa, I've been
good this year
Can't you stay a little while,
with me right here?


Nobody ought to be alone on Christmas

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