"All Because of Me" is an original song featured in Christmas Is Here Again. Written by writer/director Robert Zappia, it is performed by Victoria Claus (Shirley Jones) and Santa (Andy Griffith).


Victoria Claus: You'll never see
a Christmas tree
or hear the songs of Christmas
sung so joyfully

And Rudolph's nose
will never glow
to lead him
through the night

No "Deck the Halls,"
no "Jingle Bells"
to hear or celebration
in the air this year

No one knows it's
Christmas time again

Santa Claus: The children waited
up all night,
and my sleigh did
not take flight

And it's all because of me

Victoria: The children cried
and cried some more
Their faith in him
might never be restored

He hears their cries
around the world,
he still hears
them every night

And many years have passed
since he saw them last,
waving up to the sky
as he flew past

He may never see
their smiles again

Santa: The children waited
up for me,
and woke up to
a barren tree

And it's all because of me

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