All I Want for Christmas is an Ion Television original movie, starring Melissa Sagemiller, Tom Arnold and Brad Rose, that premiered on December 15, 2013.


Elizabeth is a rising young advertising exec who has a real problem connecting with people. Even her own sister and nephew are getting frustrated with her workaholic ways. However, when she meets Calvin the elf at a local arcade, she gets a magical pin infused with the magic of Christmas. Whenever she puts it on, she can hear other people's thoughts. Now, she becomes unstoppable at work, and even starts outpacing her new rival, the handsome Robert. The question is, even though she can hear what people want, is she really listening? With the clock ticking on both a major business deal and her growing relationship with Robert, it will take more than magic for Elizabeth to get what she wants for Christmas.


Actress/actor Character
Melissa Sagemiller Elizabeth
Brad Rowe Robert
Tom Arnold Charles
Marliss Ameia Ally
Eddie Deezen Larry Eastwood
Mike Gaglio Sidewalk Santa
Christian Gehring Phillip
Laura Gordon Ella
Ed Halligan Mr. Albertson
Dylan Hobbs Mr. Carlton
Martin Klebba Calvin
Danny Lacy Christopher
Caitlyn Leone Sarah
Michael Leone Max
Tracy Mulholland Jenny
Ian Nelson Kevin
David Novak Sam
Stuart Pankin Lewis
Jim Poole Tom
Donald Read Mr. Carter
Scott Reynolds Joe
Jason-Shane Scott Drew
Don Scribner Kroeger Johnson
Peter Stickles Paul
Diana Terranova Mindy Barkett
JoJo Wright Eye on Frisco Host


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