"All Through the House" is the first Christmas episode of the NBC drama Homicide: Life on the Street, based upon David Simon's 1991 book entitled Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, and aired in the show's third season.


Munch spreads his unusual Christmas cheer. Russert, who misses detective work, joins Meldrick on an investigation into the murder of a material witness, when she discovers she knows something about the victim's case. Munch and Bolander investigate the death of a man in a Santa Claus suit and Munch spends the evening with whom they believe is the victim's son. Beau buys Christmas presents for the kids, although he still doesn't know where Beth and the kids are. Bayliss searches the station for a game of hearts.


Actor/actress Character
Daniel Baldwin Beau Felton
Richard Belzer John Munch
Andre Braugher Frank Pembleton
Isabella Hofmann Megan Russert
Clark Johnson Meldrick Lewis
Yaphet Kotto Al Giardello
Melissa Leo Kay Howard
Kyle Secor Tim Bayliss
Ned Beatty "The Big Man"
Nancy Marchand Lorraine Freeman
Ryan Todd Fidel McGibney
Zeljko Ivanek ASA Ed Danvers
Kevin Cameron Desmond Styles
Vernon DeVinney Sam
Beau James Higby
Harlee McBride Dr. Dyer
Ralph Tabakin Doc Scheiner
Gabrielle Goyette Danielle Spright
John Miller Sgt. Rollo
Karl Otter Uniform Cop

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