Almost Christmas is a song from the Sunny Day Christmas episode "Sunny Day". It is sung by Sunny, Rox, Blair and Doodle as they await the arrival of Christmas.


Rox:'s gonna be a cold Christmas.
Sunny: I can't believe it's almost here!
Blair: (giggles) And we still have tons to do! (giggles)

Make it glow, sparkle and flicker
Rox: Big red bows, bring on the glitter
Sunny and Rox: Oh, it's almost Christmastime (Sunny giggles)

Rox: It's cold outside, the perfect weather
Sunny: We stay warm 'cause we're together
Sunny, Rox & Blair: Oh, it's almost Christmas time (Rox: Yeah, yeah)

Sunny: Come on, let's string the lights Ooh...
Blair: We'll make it (gasp) extra bright
Doodle: We're gonna celebrate the sweetest holiday (Rox: Hey)

All: It's almost Christmas (Rox: Yeah!) It's time for Christmas cheer
Our friends are with us (Rox: Ooh...) We'll glam it up this year

And the bells are ringing
The whole town's singing
It's almost Christmas (Rox: Ooh-ooh-ooh...)

It's almost Christmas (Sunny: Come on!) It's almost Christmas here
Our friends are with us (Blair: Oh-oh) It's gonna rock this year (Rox: Whoo!)
And the bells are ringing
The whole town's singing
It's almost, almost, almost...

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