Always Remember I Love You is a CBS TV movie, executive produced by Marcy Gross and Ann Weston, and produced in association with Stephen J. Cannell Productions, that premiered on December 23, 1990.


Stephen Dorff plays Robert Mendham, a sixteen-year-old boy who discovers right before Christmas that he was kidnapped as a child and subsequently adopted. He then runs away to try and find his real family. Patty Duke plays his birth mother, Ruth Monroe. Upon meeting Robert, she takes an immediate motherly interest in him, though he doesn't reveal to her that she is in fact his real mother. He meets his father, younger brother and sister, and stays with them until Christmas Eve. He tells them that he ran away because of problems at home, and they encourage him to return home and make peace with his parents. He struggles with the decision to reveal his true identity.


Patty DukeRuth Monroe
Stephen Dorff*Robert Mendham
David BirneyPhilip Mendham
Sam WanamakerGrandfather Mendham
Jarred BlanchardJohn Monroe
Malcolm StewartPaul
Linda DarlowFran(nie)
Richard MasurEarl Monroe
Joan Van ArkMartha Mendham
Kimberley WarnatSally Monroe
Gabe KhouthAce
Troy JamesJim
Sue MatthewsPam
Ian BlackSam
Matthew WalkerPastor
Mike IzcobucciMike
Garrett GabrielTony

* - Winner of the 1991 Young Artist Award flr Best Actor in a TV movie

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