An Angel for Christmas is the 1996 DtV live-action/animated hybrid special, as part of GoodTimes Home Video's Children's Classics series.


Christmas has been crushed by the mean-spirited D. D. Kovet, who owns almost the whole tiny town of Ironsville. But when a mysterious peasant girl and her beautiful wolf companion come to town, it's up to her to spark meaning and spirit in the hearts of townsfolk again. She begins to sell holly, despite the law against it, and soon the whole town is enchanted by her and by the long-forgotten Christmas spirit. Will Kovet's scheme to stop the celebration succeed in banishing the girl from Ironsville? Or will the spirit of the season prevail?


Melissa Bathory
Don FrancksD.D. Kovet
Edward Glen
Nonnie Griffin
Benji Plener
Paul Haddad
Jacelyn Holmes
James RankinWilfred
Colette Stevenson

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