"And All Through the House" is the Christmas-themed episode of HBO's anthlogy series Tales from the Crypt, produced as the series' pilot episode, but aired as the second episode of its first season in a three-episode premiere.


As this episode is Christmas-overtoned, The Crypt Keeper tells a story, while he dressed as a Santa Claus figure with a distorted face.

This is the Cavens' family house with all the Christmastime paraphernalia. The husband says something ironic about all the happy mumbo-jumbo surrounding Xmastime while reading the newspaper. The wife takes the fire poker, but the husband tells her to let him handle the poker. Suddenly, the wife kills the husband with the fire poker. The daughter, Carrie Ann, goes down to the sitting room saying that she has seen Santa, but her mother says that hes not there, and she takes her daughter upstairs to bed, leaving her bedroom window just a little open. When Carrie Ann asks her mother what she has asked for, she replies back that she has already received her Christmas present. The wife phones her lover while holding her husband's Last Will and Testament on the other hand. The lover doesnt pick it up, though, so she leaves a message on the recording machine.

The wife has problems taking her husband out as hes very heavy, and outside its freezing cold. She puts a coat over her night clothes and leaves to get rid of the body. Xmas carols are heard from the radio. There is also a public announcement talking about a Caucasian heavy-set white male dressed up as Santa Claus who has run away from the mental hospital nearby. That dangerous man likes killing women. As the wife is taking her husband out, she doesnt hear it. The door closes down because of the wind, and the wife's keys are inside. The wife intends to throw the body of Joseph to a well nearby. On the last second, Joseph seems to come alive but the wife hits him, so hes now done for good. The audience notices an axe which has disappeared. The man dressed as Santa Claus attacks panicky Elizabeth with the axe. Then ife runs inside, and calls the police, but as she hasnt got rid of the husband's body yet, she doesnt give her address and hangs up. The madman attacks her again breaking the door to pieces. She attacks him with the axe, and leaves him for dead. The phone rings two times, and she picks it up the second time. Its the police, telling her to lock everybody into the house. She devices a plot of cutting Joseph to pieces and blaming Terror Santa. Without her knowing it, Carrie Ann has been woken up by the noise of the closing door and the umbrella holder which was preventing it to close again, but when she says nothing, she goes back to bed disappointed.

The wife can't cut the husband to pieces because his body has frozen up. She phones the police again pretending to be panicky and saying that the madman killed her. The operator voice tells her to lock all doors and windows and look for a weapon. The wife remembers that her husband has a gun on a wardrobe. When she tries to find it, its too high for her to reach, and the door gets locked. Through the small window, she watches Terror Santa climbing up the wall to Carrie Ann's window. Carrie Ann distinguishes the figure of her so-waited-for Santa in the twilight, so she even helps him to reach her window.

In desperation, the wife h breaks down the wardrobe door and runs upstairs. Carrie Ann is not in her bed or bedroom. Carrie Ann calls for the wife, saying that isnt she happy now that Santa Claus has arrived, and she produces Terror Santa. The wife screams and screams.

Concluding with a moral, the Crypt Keeper says that the audience should not worry about a thing, as Terror Santa didn't harm Carrie Ann at all, because he would only kill adult women.


Aside from its theme music.

Title(s) Performed by
"The Christmas Song" Nat King Cole
Alan Silvestri (arr.)


Actor/actress Character
John Kassir (voice) Crypt Keeper
Mary Ellen Trainor Wife
Larry Drake Santa
Marshall Bell Husband
Lindsey Barry Carrie Ann
John E. Coates (voice) Police Officer

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