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Angels in the Snow is a UP TV Christmas movie, based on the story, adapted from Rexanne Becnel's 1992 novel Christmas Journey, presented and distributed worldwide by MarVista Entertainment, and starring Kristy Swanson and Chris Potter. It premiered on November 22, 2015.


The Montgomerys - parents Charles & Judith, and their three children, fifteen-year-old Alexander, fourteen-year-old Jennifer, and 8-year old Emily - are spending Christmas at a new, isolated, state-of-the-art mountain cabin built by Charles' development company in upstate New York. Outwardly Charles built it so that they can spend time there to reconnect as a family, but they all know that he really built it to support the business. They as a family have long not been happy, as workaholic Charles is always concerned the company is close to folding, especially if he doesn't keep an eye on matters, while Judith feels like he treats their entire family as second priority to the work and the associated money and material wealth. They make it to the cabin just before a major snowstorm hits the area. They receive a surprise knock on their door from the Tuckers - parents Joe and Amy, and their two children, fifteen year old Robbie and fourteen year old Lucie - who ran off the road in their van on their way to a day ski trip, they who need shelter until the storm blows over. Unlike the Montgomerys, the Tuckers are a loving, happy family, who support each other as a family unit. The Montgomerys and the Tuckers do bond during their confined time together, but the sheer presence of the Tuckers may not be enough in and of itself to demonstrate to the Montgomerys what they need to do to avert the break-up of their family.


Actor/actress Character
Kristy Swanson Judith Montgomery
Chris Potter Charles Montgomery
Colin Lawrence Joe Tucker
Catherine Haggquist Amy Tucker
Nick Purcha Alexander Montgomery
Lizzie Boys Jennifer Montgomery
Jaeda Miller Emily Montgomery
Kolton Stewart* Robbie Tucker
Alexandra Siouras Lucie Tucker
Kurt Evans Jason
Kenneth Atchity (uncredited) Mourner

* - Nominated for the 2016 Young Artist Award for Best Actor in a TV movie

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