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Applejack is a character from the My Little Pony toy line and related media. Originally introduced in the franchise's first generation in 1983, she is an orange Earth pony who is a member of the Apple Pony family, a large family of ponies with apple-related names who oversee apple orchards and run a group of businesses that sell apples and products made from them.

In the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Applejack is very kind, helpful and reliable, but tends to act stubbornly and lets her pride and her sense of tradition get the better of her. She works in her farm, called Sweet Apple Acres, where she lives with her younger sister Apple Bloom, older brother Big McIntosh, grandmother Granny Smith, and her dog Winona. Applejack is very hard-working and has demonstrated her strength and dexterity on many occasions, and she is also very skilled with a lasso. She represents the Element of Honesty.

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