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Can't you see? It's not about snow boots, it's not about flashy, expensive presents, or getting yours before the other guy gets his! It's about showing people you really care about 'em! And most of all, it's about a funny little football-headed kid with a good heart but no sense of reality whose entire world view is at stake!

— Helga's epiphany

The cover to the storybook adaptation

"Arnold's Christmas" is a special half-hour Christmas episode of the Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold!, produced as the twentieth episode of the show's first season (though it ended up airing as the eighteenth). It originally aired on December 11, 1996, premiering as part of a special Christmas edition of SNICK (which also included the premiere of the Kenan and Kel episode "Merry Christmas, Kenan"). Craig Bartlett, the show's creator, and Francesca Marie Smith, who provided the voice of Helga Pataki, have both stated it to be one of their personal favorite episodes of the show.


The episode begins right as Christmas vacation has started for the students of P.S. 118. While on a walk with her best friend, Phoebe, Helga talks about how she thinks Christmas is all about presents and then notices a display case showing off what she wants the most - Nancy Spumoni snow boots. Rhonda points out to her that she'd have a hard time receiving them, as the stores are pretty much sold out of them, but she is certain that she will be receiving them because she has been dropping hints about it to her parents, Big Bob and Miriam, for weeks. Shortly afterward, she notices Arnold walking by and soliloquizes about how she secretly loves him and wants to find the perfect gift for him.

Meanwhile, at the boarding house Arnold lives in, he and the rest of the boarders assign each other a Secret Santa. In his case, he has to get a gift for Mr. Hyunh. He notices that Mr. Hyunh always seems very sad around Christmas. When he tells his best friend, Gerald, about it, Gerald suggests he ask Mr. Hyunh about it so he can find out what would be a good gift for him. Arnold goes to talk to Mr. Hyunh, who tells him about his lost daughter, Mai, whom he had given to be saved by American rescue soldiers during the war back in his home country, Vietnam. After twenty years, he had come to the city to be reunited with her, but he has never been able to find her.

Christmas Eve comes, and Arnold decides to search the city to find Mai, since reuniting her with Mr. Hyunh would be the perfect gift for him. Accompanied by Gerald, Arnold goes to the Federal Office of Information to find out where to find her. They talk about it to the supervisor, Mr. Bailey, who initially refuses their request. He then gets a phone call from his wife and he mentions that he hasn't been able to do his Christmas shopping. Arnold and Gerald work out a deal with him; they do all of his Christmas shopping for him, and he will try to find Mai.

Arnold and Gerald manage to buy almost all of the items on Mr. Bailey's shopping list, with the last one being Nancy Spumoni snow boots. While looking for them, they run into Helga, who, unbeknownst to them, is still trying to find the perfect gift for Arnold. During this, he accidentally drops the shopping list; she picks it up and notices the snow boots are on it. Arnold and Gerald, unfortunately, are not able to find a single pair in any of the stores. Without them, Mr. Bailey refuses to find Mai. Arnold mopes about the fact that he couldn't reunite Mr. Hyunh with her, unaware of Helga eavesdropping on him and finding out why he was searching for the snow boots.

Helga goes home, where her family is already celebrating Christmas. To her surprise, Miriam presents her with a pair of the snow boots. She goes outside to try them out, but then remembers that Arnold was desperate to find them for Mr. Bailey. After some moral agonizing over this, she brings them to Mr. Bailey just as he's closing up his office, and gets him to search the records though an impassioned speech on Arnold needing a Christmas miracle.

On Christmas morning, Arnold is still downtrodden over the fact that he could not reunite Mai with Mr. Hyunh, who is understanding, but depressed. At that point, the doorbell rings and Phil answers it. Arnold and Mr. Hyunh are stunned to discover Mai on the doorstep. As she and Mr. Hyunh are reunited, Arnold is puzzled as to how this miracle happened, and Gerald suggests that maybe he has some sort of Christmas angel looking out for him. Outside, far out of sight, Helga wishes him a merry Christmas.


The cover to the 1997 VHS release

The special was made available on VHS by Paramount Home Video on October 13, 1997. The tape also included another episode from the show's first season, "Snow", as a bonus cartoon.

The special made its DVD debut on the Hey Arnold!: Season 1 manufacture-on-demand DVD set released by on August 21, 2008. It appeared again on the retail version, released by Shout! Factory on August 9, 2011, and later repackaged as part of their Hey Arnold!: The Complete Series set in 2014. It was also included, along with "Arnold's Thanksgiving" from the show's third season, on Shout! Factory's Out of the Vault Christmas compilation DVD, which was originally released as a Walmart exclusive on October 6, 2015.

Following the show's video rights returning to Paramount in 2018, the special was again included on Paramount's Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection box set (which was essentially a re-release of Shout! Factory's Complete Series set, but with the addition of the two Hey Arnold! movies and new bonus features), released on November 20, 2018.


  • Although Mr. Hyunh never directly says that he is from Vietnam (all he says is that "an invader came from the north"), he does say in "Snow" that he is so. As for where he was evacuating Mai, it is presumed to be during Operation Frequent Wind during the Fall of Saigon from the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, where many Vietnamese were hoping to escape with the U.S. forces to avoid facing the wrath of the approaching NVA and Viet Cong forces.
  • Mai oddly would not appear in any later episodes after this, only being mentioned in two in the show's fifth season, "Chocolate Boy" and "Family Man". However, she did eventually have a cameo in Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.



Voice actor/actress Character
Toran Caudell Arnold Shortman
Francesca Smith Helga Pataki
Jamil W. Smith Gerald Johanssen
Tress MacNeille Grandma Gertie
Dan Castellaneta Grandpa Phil
Maurice LaMarche Big Bob Pataki
Kath Soucie Miriam Pataki
Olivia Hack Rhonda Lloyd
Christopher P. Walberg Stinky Peterson
Anndi L. McAfee Phoebe Heyerdahl
Baoan Coleman Mr. Hyunh
Hiep Thi Le Mai Hyunh
Vincent Shiavelli Mr. Bailey
Dom Irrera Ernie Potts
Steve Viksten Oskar Kokoshka

Note: Iggy, Sheena, Nadine, and Ruth appear, but do not have speaking parts.



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