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Ashton is a character in A Princess for Christmas. He is the son of the Duke of Castlebury, whose brother, Charles, married Jules Daly's sister. During the time Jules and her nephew, Milo, and niece, Maddie, spend at Castlebury, he falls in love with her. He also spends time with Milo, teaching him archery and talking about the deceased Charles, and becomes a good influence for his behavior and spirit.

Ashton has a fianceě, Lady Arabella Marchand du Belmont, but after an answer from her about if he did not have a title, he breaks up with her and ends up with Jules.


Ashton: What if I didn't hold a title?
Arabella: What a ridiculous thought.
Ashton: No, you didn't answer my question.
Arabella: Well, it's a stupid question...
Alright, if you were a gardener, I wouldn't give you the time of day.
Now, is that what you wanted to hear?
Ashton: Yes.
Arabella: Why?
Ashton: 'Cause...we don't want the same things.
My life doesn't fit with yours.
Arebella: Are you breaking up with me?
No, no. Of course you not.
Everyone's expecting us to be engaged.
Ashton: I don't think I can make you happy.
Arabella: I don't care about being happy. I care about being a princess.
Ashton: It's over, Arabella.