"Away in a Manger" is the Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom Baby Talk, aired in the show's second season.


It is only six days (December 19th) until Mickey & Maggie celebrate their first Christmas in Brooklyn Heights with their new friends. When Maggie is bakery sitting for Anita, James finds out that she has bought him a very nice & expensive gift (an auto remote control answering machine). This only leads him to feel bad because all he bought her was a pair of mittens. With not a lot of money to spend, he gets a job as a store Santa to earn extra money to buy her a nicer Christmas present: a necklace. But at the final minute, the Christmas spirit hits him and he gives it to his poor elf assistant's husband so he can finally give her a nice gift for Christmas. On Christmas Day (December 25th), Maggie surprises Mickey with a tree full of toys from Santa. Then James shows up to give him a sled and sing her a song he wrote especially for her the night before.

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