Babar & Friends Celebrating Christmas

Babar and Father Christmas is a Christmas special aired in 1986, based on the book from the Babar series by Jean De Brunhoff. It stars King Babar who goes on a quest to the North Pole to ask Father Christmas to deliver presents to his children. Produced by Atkinson Film-Arts, MTR Productions and CBC, the special is narrated by Jean De's son Laurent De Brunhoff, who also co-written with director Gerry Capelle and Merilyn Read.


Narrated by Laurent De Brunhoff

Voice Actor/Actress Character
Jim Bradford Babar
Louise Villeneuve Celeste
Rick Jones Zephir
Les Lye Rataxes
Father Christmas
Kemp Edwards Arthur
Courtney Caroll Flora
Kai Engstad Alexander
Brahm Olzynko
Rock LaFortune Gendarme
Noel Council Professor
Derek Diorio Elderberry
Elf #2
Bridgitte Robinson Secretary
Elf #1
Amie Charlebois (Uncredited) Pom

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