Babe Carano is one of the two main protagonists in the Nickelodeon sitcom Game Shakers. She is a thirteen-year-old girl and one of the creators of Game Shakers. She always does her own thing and doesn't mind stepping on someone's toes to do so. She is creative, confident, quick-witted and fearless when it comes to making tough decisions. She might seem a little intimidating, but the truth is that she's a really great friend. She is street savvy, with a brain for business that makes her the perfect co-owner of Game Shakers. Babe balances out high-strung Kenzie with her cool attitude, and quick wit—even if she loses her temper from time to time. Although she is Kenzie's more mischievous and blunt counterpart, Babe is always there to lead the team out of trouble, and never backs down from a challenge.
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