Barbara Ann "Babs" Bunny is the female protagonist of the Warner Bros. animated television series Tiny Toon Adventures. She is a pink anthropomorphic bunny who co-hosts the show, alongside her best friend Buster Bunny. Willing to do nearly anything for a laugh, she is good at improvisational comedy, and is a comedic impressionist much like Robin Williams.

As one of the show's main characters, Babs has a prominent role in the Christmas special, "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special". Early on in the story, during the rehearsals for the Tiny Toons holiday special, Babs prepares to rehearse an ice-skating act with Cher, but Montana Max tricks her into believing that Buster is flirting with Cher behind her back. After the rehearsals prove to be a disaster thanks to Max's sabotage, Babs and the rest of the gang take out their frustration on Buster. When Buster leaves to go throw himself out of the picture, Babs is heard praying to the heavens to help her best friend.

Unbeknownst to Babs and everyone else, Buster encounters his guardian toon angel, Harvey (played by a costumed Bugs Bunny), who takes him to an alternate reality in which he was never on Tiny Toon Adventures. As the episode is a parody of It's a Wonderful Life and Buster is playing the George Bailey role, Babs' role here mimics that of Mary Bailey. In the alternate world, it is shown that Babs is a hapless patsy who constantly has anvils dropped on her on the show, and she has become a bummed-out, miserable nerd who is the complete opposite of the Babs in the original world. Seeing how unhappy Babs is in this world proves to be the crushing blow for Buster, and he begs Harvey to bring him back to the world he knows.

Immediately after Harvey brings Buster back to his own world, Babs finds him in Acme Looniversity's film vault and directly addresses him, affirming to him that he's back in the world he knows. Babs then tells him that Max, as the special's new director, is ruining the show. After Buster's position as director is restored, Babs asks him why he was talking with Cher earlier. As it turns out, Buster was actually asking what he should give Babs for Christmas; when Babs asks what was suggested, Buster responds by giving her a very deep kiss.

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