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"Back to Work" is a song featured in the Futurama episode "A Tale of Two Santas".


Robot Santa's Elves: We are free and barely sober
With so many toys to build
The machines are kind of tricky
Probably someone will be killed,
but we gladly work for nothing

Fry: Which is good because we don't intend to pay
Elves: The elves are back to work today
[Excited] Hooray!

We have just a couple hours
To make several billion gifts
And the labor isn't easy
Leela: Then you'll all work triple shifts
You can make the job go quicker
If you turn up the controls to super speed
Elves:: It's back to work on Xmas eve
[Slightly less excited] Hooray.

Leela: And though you're cold and sore and ugly
Your pride will mask the pain
Fry: Let my happy smile warm your hearts
Elf: There's a toy lodged in my brain

Elves:: We are getting awfully tired
And we can't work any faster
And we're very, very sorry
Bender: Why you selfish little bastards!

Do you want the kids to think
That Santa's just a crummy empty handed jerk?!
Then shut your yaps and back to work!

Elves: Now it's very nearly Xmas
And we've done the best we could
Fry: These toy soldiers are poorly painted
Leela: And they're made from inferior wood

Bender: I should give you all a beating
But I really have to fly
Robot Santa: If I wasn't stuck here frozen
I'd harpoon you in the eye
Elves:: Now it's back into our tenements
To drown ourselves in rye

Leela: You did the best you could I guess
And some of these gorillas are OK
Elves: HOORAY! We're adequate!
All: The elves have rescued Xmas day